How To Use Intuition In Business And Other Areas In Life with Conni Biesalski

April 26, 2017

Conni Biesalski talks about "How To Use Intuition In Business And Other Areas In Life" in this episode of the Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast, with host Michael Light. Conni helps people to live and work location-independent while embracing a conscious, healthy and spiritual lifestyle. She created Germany’s biggest travel blog Planet Backpack and is the co-founder of Blog Camp, an online school for professional blogging. Conni is a certified yoga teacher, she loves surfing and lives on a plant-based diet. Turning to yoga, meditation and spirituality have changed her life, the way she works and travels completely.

Some of the topics discussed in the podcast are:

  • How to use intuition in your business
  • How you hear your intuitive messages
  • How intuition helped Conni start a new business (called Live your Heart Out)
  • How she dramatically changed her YouTube channel and how intuition helped her get thousands of subscribers
  • Why Surfing is a key business skill to have
  • How she has grown closer to her business intuition and inner guidance
  • How to trust your intuition more and act on it


Learn more about Conni Biesalski at:

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April 24, 2017

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Powerful Way to Use Your Intuition to Change Money Thermostat

April 24, 2017

Welcome back to our Case Study Series. In this episode, I am talking with Jan Roos. Jan does lead generation for law firms, and he has troubles to push the limit of making $15k/month.

Problems and challenges

  • How he combined WWIT with his GTD weekly review
    • The secret and Evernote
  • Cue off a bad biz mood to TLC
    • Wants to TLC during morning routine to proactively head off bad biz moods
  • Cord cutting with energy vampire - fewer vampires in my life and obsess about them less too
    • Helps me get back to sleep
    • Helps me get over bad sales and make better sales calls afterward.

Background and fears

  • Jan does lead gen for law firms, good start, client churn due to my negligence,
  • Income ceiling $15k/mo (topline)
    • Channels shut down, banned from LinkedIn, a limited geo area,
  • Went below my min $5k - would have to leave NYC and drop my lease
    • Too much 80/20 so didn’t work enough with clients or doing marketing/sales
    • Ignored issues with my account management team
    • Found a great vein of traffic
    • Now moved  from 4 sales calls to 25/week


But what if I screw it up again?

  • Avoidances/resistance to being in the biz at all
  • Money Thermostat Min
    • Necessary expenses
    • Pay myself first -

Clarity of exact needs

  • Paying off debt
  • Unexpected repairs
  • Tax bills - estimated tax per month

WWIT to have a clear spreadsheet of all my expenses?

  • Avoiding my financial reality
  • Youngest Age Pattern Recycler
    • Chest tight, heart contracted, feeling like at edge of cliff, anxiety
    • 6 y.o. with mean substitute teacher, I was going to be trouble
  • Raising your self-worth 7/10
    • WWIT to get it to an 8?
    • WWIT to get it to a 9?
    • WWIT to get it to a 10?
      • Who are role models for this?
        • Richard 80/20
        • Tim Ferris
        • Richard
        • Peter Thief
  • Not deserve to be location independent
  • Comfortable working hard

Money Thermostat Max

  • $20k
    • Ok
    • Not inspiring
    • IDK how make a difference
    • Apathy mist, cut cords
  • $30k
    • A hint of a flinching, weight in chest, maybe too good to be truth trap, excitement that has gotten you burnt
    • Youngest age 14 with
    • Percentage
  • Ideal $50k
    • Feel a door is shut
    • Disconnected from me
    • IDK the path to get there
    • Brilliant orange Line gets  to 40k then becomes grey
    • Fear that my biz will become Too complex and cumbersome
    • Would have to move beyond flat hierarchy (where I control all)
    • Not comfort employing or hiring an A-grade manager
    • Need a good sales process without me bottlenecking it
    • Need a scalable marketing process
    • Need sales and marketing system and staff that is way bigger than your churn
    • Need a system and people to reduce churn
      • Need a better client filtering system
      • Keep set up fees
      • Better contract
    • WWIT to have all these systems and great staff in place?
  • $100k/mo
    • Feels easier than $50k!
    • Lack of my bandwidth, fear it would be my whole life
    • Wear the owner hat


Tools in this episode

  • WWIT
  • TLC
  • Youngest Age Pattern Recycler
  • Percentage of a Pattern remaining



Achieving Your Goals in Less Time Using Intuition with Chris Sparks

April 19, 2017

Chris Sparks talks about "Achieving Your Goals in Less Time Using Intuition" in this episode of the Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast with host Michael Light. Chris is a productivity coach, working directly with entrepreneurs to help them overcome their procrastination and reach peak productivity. He is the author of the playbook Self-Programming for Peak Performance, and he is also ranked in the top 20 in the world, that's out of 100 million people who play poker.

Some of the topics discussed in the podcast are:

  • Key insights in achieving goals in less time
  • Getting clear on goals
  • Productivity hacks
  • Putting enough time and thought into planning
  • Resistance to success
  • Mathematics of how to win at games
  • Setting morning routines


OODA loop by John Boyd -
Eugene Gendlin -
Taylor Pearson -
Woody Allen -
Focus 55 -

Learn more about Chris Sparks at:
*Social media: @SparksRemarks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)


Case Study: Judy Schramm, Sales Calls With Joy and Intuition

April 17, 2017

Welcome back to our Case Study Series. In this episode, I am talking with Judy Schramm. She is an author, speaker, and executive LinkedIn expert.

Episode topics:

  • The burden and resistance of having to make sales calls, or avoiding making them.
  • Let go my salesperson and sales was my responsibility and I had blocked out an hour a day and I was not doing it
  • And I have great excuses for not doing sales calls and following up (But really it was resistance)
  • How she went from feeling sales task were a burden to being a joy and being keen to do them
  • Clearing the belief that sales is manipulation, bothering and interrupting others

Solutions & Success:

  • How she closed 3 deals worth $20k in the week after clearing the energy blocks to sales. And she no longer avoiding making sales calls and following up.
  • 4 Intuitive Leadership tools that helped Judy free up her inner sales diva  
  1. Youngest Age Pattern Recycler
  2. Parents timeline
  3. Percent left =80%
  4. WWIT
  • Her secret pre-call "chat" using the 2-chairs method
  • Looking at Sales as healing
  • Moving the time for sales calls from 4pm ET to vary the time - Pick up the phone when my intuition says it is the best time to reach that particular person
  • Feeling where a prospect list is "sticky"
  • What would it take to make the sales hour joyful?
  • What is the goal of the sales hour? Helping people, solving marketing problems, helping them make the decision about whether or not to work with us.
  • Clarity, feeling good about decision
  • TLC before sales calls
  • Heart connection during call
  • Set the intention for the day using WWIT and TLC them.
  • Adding some sales experts that you admire to your Spiritual Advisory Board, Sales sub-committee

Tools used in this case study:

  1. WWIT
  2. TLC
  3. Spiritual Advisory Board
  4. Youngest Age Pattern Recycler


Business Intuition and Intuitive Art with Rachel Archelaus

April 12, 2017

Rachel Archelaus talks about "Business Intuition and Intuitive Art" in this episode of the Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast with host Michael Light. Rachel Archelaus is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy where she teaches people how to have a two-way conversation with their intuition. She is an internationally known spiritual teacher and business mentor to lightworkers. Her book, Intuitive Art: Have a Two-Way Conversation with your Higher Self, will be out in May.

Some of the topics discussed in the episode are:

  • How can you figure out in your business using your intuition and intuitive art?
  • What are practical applications?
  • Why Rachel?
    - openly psychic, guides, creative kid
    - 11 year old
  • Name story
  • What is the higher self and why you want to have a relationship with her?
  • How to trust yourself more and why it is important in business
  • Start to access your intuition on purpose in your business
    - myself, partner, friends, forgotten to go within
  • Why is business intuition important now?
  • Why two-way conversation with your intuition important?


Learn more about Rachel Archelaus at: = Free Intuitive Art Class


Case Study: Best tips to Overcome the Fear of People Seeing My True Self

April 10, 2017

Welcome back to our Podcast Series. In this episode, I am talking with Ying Han Cheng. She is an innovation coach for Freedom Based Businesses.

Ying Han Cheng case study

  • Clearing procrastination publishing my book
  • Fear of people seeing my true self
  • Innovation coach for freedom based lifestyle
  • Finding your YOLA ( You Only Live Once) lifestyle with your YOLA business
  • Constant seizing the moment
  • Instant gratification for the long term
  • Difficulty completing her book
  • Self-doubt
  • Overwhelmed vs it will never be perfect
  • 180 pages done
  • Fear no one will read it, no one will buy it
  • Fear only my friends will buy it but it won't take off
  • So much work to do for the launch, what if I can't keep up with the work?
  • When people volunteer to help instead of me being happy I am afraid that I will fail them not finish the book
  • I aim small instead of big, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Fear of being big and shining my light
  • I am afraid to revealing my true self and my inner life - fear people won't like the real me, make fun of me, will judge me as weird


  • self-doubt
  • constricted throat
  • strong heart beat
  • shoulder spiky energy,
  • anxious,
  • wanting to hide, contracting
  • looking for excuses to take more time
  • never-ending not good enough

Tools used in this Case Study

  • Youngest Age Pattern Recycler
  • WWIT
  • TLC
  • Visualize the energy of self-doubt around you disappearing like mist in the morning sun.
  • Then moving off to infinity.

Here is the audio version in case you would like to listen and download this Case Study

*TLC=To the Light, Connect

*WWIT= What Would It Take


Using Intuition, Trusting Gut and Learning to Love your Business

April 5, 2017

Edie Weinstein talks about "Using Intuition, Trusting Gut and Learning to Love your Business" in this episode of the Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast with host Michael Light. Edie is a journalist, inspiring transformational speaker, licensed social worker, interfaith minister, editor, radio host, BLISS coach, event producer, Cosmic Concierge, the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary and co-author of Embraced By the Divine: The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose.

Some of the topics discussed on the podcast are:

  • How she got started using intuition in your business
  • How she Learn to trust her gut
  • How she learned to love being a businesswoman (relationships vs coercion)
  • How to express intuitive hunches to staff or clients who may not understand intuition
  • The different ways she gets intuitive message
  • How to tell the difference between good guidance, your ego and psychotic voices
  • How she read body language and voice inflections
  • Why being a listener is key for an entrepreneur - using both ears and heart
  • Why it is important to take dictation when listening to your intuition
  • How intuition help being writer - trust intuition how communicate
  • How to focus when you get distracted easily and get so many intuitive messages and creative ideas
  • Why visioning my tasks during the during helps my day flow well.
  • WWIT to know what the most profitable and joyful tasks to work on first today is?
  • Optimistic (sp?) - sees the eyes through the eyes of possibility
  • WWIT tool
  • Setting office hours for your creative muse or guides
  • Idea parking lot

Learn more about Edie Weinstein at:

"Business is about relationship - people buy from you only when they know, like and trust you" - Edie
Book Allen Cohen The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Any More

Book Ram Das Be Here Now
Book Ask and it is Given - Abraham Hicks

The Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail - Look back on past events and intuitive messages to see how they worked out

Book Reinvent Yourself by James Altucher


ILM Podcast: Samantha Alvarez pt 2, Sales magic, being your true self and polarizing your audience

April 4, 2017

Welcome back to our Case Study Series. 

Sam is an amazing sales consultant and language learning entrepreneur
She already was using amazing WWIT since our previous session,

How to apply the first tools from the book within 12 hours and achieve big shifts in her business within 24 hours


  • How you can deal with spiritual upgrades in the middle of the night?
  • How to impregnate a book or business product service with strong success energy?
  • Why being your true self leads to more sales and more connections?
  • Why polarizing your audience is the key to sales success?


How you can deal with spiritual upgrades in the middle of the night?

  • The moment when you are so relaxed, but not asleep yet. You just want to fall asleep, but a thought comes up.
  • Thoughts and ideas rushing through my head
  • Writing only have a small note, I would remember the whole thing
  • I've been wanting to get my name to YouTube and do a podcast
  • I don't feel like I have anything to offer


  • I'm a sales person!
  • Why don't I just talk to them about their businesses?
  • After publishing a podcast, they will feel easier to talk with me about it

Problems and solutions:

  • Keeping a phone by your bed- try pen and paper, because of the distractions from your phone
  • Do guided meditation
  • Try to get your body to a state to being able to listen to your intuition
  • Confusing insomnia with this state of energetic upgrade
  • Used to stay up for hours, stressing
  • I ask myself, WWIT for me to feel alerted, rested and healthy in the morning, independent of how many hours I was sleeping?
    just take a nap during the day, and avoid being a slave to the routine
  • Being both wired and tired
  • Hot shower with lights off, just seat in the steam, do some meditation, nothing vocal
  • Let your mind clear out, your sinuses clear out
  • Imagine every drop of water as a new drop of love on you

How to impregnate a book or business product service with strong success energy?

  • Reiki- benefits and bad sides
  • Suggested options instead of Reiki
  • Using tools like WWIT and TLC
  • Intuition journal
  • AB testing of the things you are trying out

Why being your true self leads to more sales and more connections?

  • You may have to drop your fake masks
  • Problem: my own fear not allowing me to be myself, and pretend being somebody else
  • Being a sales person, doesn't mean you should pretend of being somebody else
  • Some ppl will like you, some won't- so what?
  • Whatever it takes is different than WWIT- just do what it takes to get what I want- that is very bad.
  • People will be able to feel you're fake
  • When you start to do what's best for the person, and for your company, that's the moment you will have benefit as well.
  • Let's figure out what's best for you!
  • No. 1 goal is to make their life better, to get them to take action.
  • IF their life is better, so is mine.
  • Being your true self works!

Why polarizing your audience is the key to sales success?

  • Polarizing= putting things into separate groups
  • Selling to everybody leads to no one buying
  • You're being uninteresting that way. No one will be hooked
  • Don't have to be radical about this.  Polarize to at least some extent
  • Being OK with some people love you, and some people hate you
  • Why the haters are the best for improving your product?
  • The ones who like you are not going to tell you honestly what they feel
  • Aikido- use someone else's energy and use it against them
  • Emotionally do the same thing
  • Slipping- just slip out their way, and instead of holding a shield which is heavy, let it pass you

Tools used in this Case Study:

  • WWIT= What Would It Take
  • TLC= To the Light, Connect
  • Intuition Journal




Quitting Drinking to Hear Your Intuition (How Anna moved from burnout to abundance)

March 29, 2017


Anna Wickham talks about “Quitting Drinking to Hear Your Intuition (How Anna moved from burnout to abundance)” in this episode of the Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast. Three years ago when I first met Anna, she was NOT intuitive at all. She was all logic. I was in her first mastermind at DCBKK 2014 talking about mindfulness, consciousness, and intuition. She later shared that she had no clue what we were talking about.

Today, she is totally different and uses her intuition freely in her business. Which is by the way, far more successful and happier for her to run. 

Here is how she made this big change.

In this episode, we discussed:

Before - How not using intuition - Like swimming upstream, working so hard, burnout
After - ease, peace, accept oppotunites the universe brings.  
Living her purpose - bigger than just making money
Making more money, working less, happier and healthier. 
How to create time for Self-care gym, yoga, healthy food - and why this matters to your business success
How she stopped the work, party, sleep cycle.

Her Rock bottom moments - 

  • Hangover day when could not focus on work and her team
  • Bad client situation - agency never would be profitable because expenses went up with new clients, failure
  • How to not re-addict to another method to cover up pain
  • Why being curious is key
  • How she cleared perfectionism and self-judgement 

"One of the things that changed for me during my "rock bottom" moment that I
talked about in my blog post is that I found my spirituality for the first time.
It has completely turned my life and business around. I am now living in my zone
of genius and experiencing more abundance than I ever thought possible.

I believe that most problems in society – drugs, obesity, alcoholism, workaholism, and even consumer debt and materialism – are all a result of us looking for ways to fill a void we feel in our hearts." - Anna

"The drinking part, though, was so much fun. Drinking was like liquid relaxation. It was instant relief from the anxiety that I thought I otherwise couldn’t escape. But I wouldn’t have told you I was anxious or even unhappy.

I didn’t realize I was unhappy, or that I was using alcohol as a “force quit” button for my overactive mind rather than learning how to turn it off myself. I didn’t understand it until more than 6 months after I quit drinking."
- Anna

Original blog post

Books mentioned:

You Can Heal Your Life By Louise Hay

The Big Leap by Gay Henricks

The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself
By Michael A. Singer

Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead
By Brene Brown

Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself By Kristin Neff

Quote mentioned:
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us." - Marianne Williamson


Learn more about Anna Wickham at: