Conscious Eating and Intuition

May 10, 2017

Barbara Fernandez talks about "Conscious Eating and Intuition (12 ways to increase your business intuition and be healthier too)" in this episode of the Intuitive Leadership Mastery Podcast, with host Michael Light.

Barbara Fernandez, the Rocking Raw Chef, is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to harness the power of natural foods to help free themselves from depression, anxiety, and stress. Having used food to overcome severe clinical depression herself, Barbara creates recipes that not only taste amazing but are also quick and easy. “I don't like to cook, but I love food and I hate carrot sticks, so it has to be healthy, fast and tasty,” she says. Featured in numerous newspapers and magazines, she has been working with raw food for 15+ years and has a certificate in Raw Food Nutrition led by David Wolfe. She also uses the transformative power of theater and sound in her live events, as she is trained in Voice Movement Therapy and Playback Theater. She is trilingual (French, Spanish, English) as well as a professional rock singer, belting out her own 'raw' lyrics to her spoof versions of popular singers on SoundCloud. She has also recently launched a podcast called Clean Food, Dirty Stories, which combines real, raw and sometimes bizarre stories about life's curveballs and how you can rock them with wicked real food wisdom. Her website is

Some of the topics covered in the podcast are:

  • How to pick food using your intuition for vibrant health and more energy during your work day
    - from menu
  • When to eat
  • Using WWIT for healthier eating and more intuition
  • Blessing food to shift its vibration and make it more compatibility to you
  • Why the words you speak during cooking are so important to healthy food preparation
  • Water writing
  • Energy in food from people, the room, and implements
  • Clean and tidy kitchen - care and love
  • Why you should not talk while eating
  • Eating vs talking, vibration of the words
  • How gratitude rituals help food taste better and be healthier
  • Appreciate of the plants and animals dying for us
  • How plant and animal raised and killed - fear chemical
  • Why old emotions may come up when eating clean
  • How to have amazing digestion
    - what helps - no talking, mindful
    - do not eat when angry or upset - eat out of love vs damping down emotions
    -  talk to your gut and the bacteria
  • What is your gut saying to
  • Fasting
  • Ego eating vs body eating
  • Notice how I feel during and after eating that food
  • Food that helps improve your intuition and psychic abilities
  • Food to avoid if you want to have excellent business intuition
  • Chemical applied to plants and animals
    - esp pesticides intuition blockers
    - water and fluoride 3rd eye, toxic
    - no plastic bottles - use metal or glass
    - Sugar
    - Red meat
  • What to do if you get over sensitive to energy - Grounding by eating root veggies or a little piece of meat

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