Breakthrough on Billing Blockages Case Study, with Kim

June 1, 2017

Welcome back to our Case Study Series. In this episode, I am talking with Kim. Her main concern is Billing Blockages. She needs to send invoices to the clients, but she doesn't. She procrastinates, delays for days, months, even years. And, she's tired of it.


This episode shows so much energy. We had a few line breaks, and it took so much time to upload the episode, it's amazing. Listen to the podcast and you will see and feel it.

Episode highlights

  • Procrastinate on sending invoices
  • If I have money then I wait because I think it would be there for a rainy day
  • When I had monthly clients I did bill every
  • For my clients, I create their invoices on time
  • I have two new clients that I will be doing invoicing
  • Once I send an invoice I usually get paid fast
  • My extra money, my spend on myself money, my slush fund
  • Free money to build up my bank account doesn’t seem to matter so much to me
  • Her mom never has enough money, money was always an issue, could never get nice things or go on vacations
  • I am good at clearing physical clutter but I get stuck on mental clutter
  • I shouldn’t need help or reminders. Snap out of it and get it done.
  • High blood pressure

Think about creating these old billings and what do you notice in your body

  • Relief
  • Hot and bit tense, like a hot flush
  • Lack of clarity on tasks I did
  • Heavy junk
  • Overwhelm, frustrated that I know how to do but I never do it
  • Head is very distracted
  • Guilty that I can’t seem to do this myself
  • Fear that my security blanket is not secure and might slip off
  • 4 y.o. My mom and dad - dad didn’t come to pick her up just after her parents separated
  • What percentage is left now? 17%
  • WWIT for it to be 0%? 1 hour of uninterrupted time


  • WWIT to have an hour of uninterrupted time for myself?

    • Schedule this instead of my massage for Sunday
    • Just breath through it
  • How many ancestors have had the same pattern? 71
  • How many past lives with the same pattern? 14
  • How many other dimensions
  • What percentage is left now? 3%
  • WWIT to get to 2%?
    • Take some deep breath
    • How many need to take? 2
  • Now at 1%
  • WWIT to get to 0%?
    • Move my body
  • Now what do you notice thinking about creating these old invoices?
    • Grounded, happy, moving forward
  • Cut cords with all family members

    • Cord restricting me, should do things the family way
    • How many cords did you have? 4
    • Waist control
    • 2 Wrists pulling me in different directions - me as a mom and me an individual
    • Right Ear - I must always be on guard to hear if some wrong

Tools from the book


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