Book Creation and Launching Case Study, with Ying Han Cheng

June 12, 2017

Welcome back to our Case Study Series. In this episode, I am talking with Ying Han Cheng. She talks about her Book Launch Process. This is a follow-up on her Case Study we did a few months ago before she's written a book. We wanted to see how the book did! It is a bestseller, by the way...  ;)

Episode highlights

  • Book launch process
  • Book creation process
    • Hero’s journey
    • Emotional journey
    • Polarizing your audience to create dedicated fans
  • Scared to commit to Deadline, relationship
    • Focus
    • Fears will come up and that is ok
  • Shift in her Relationship with her fears
    • More aware of them
    • Take them less seriously
    • More comfortable being big in the world and shining her light
    • They no long cause writer's block in her
    • Those fears
      • Fear no one will read it, no one will buy it
      • Fear only my friends will buy it but it won’t take off
      • So much work to do for the launch, what if I can’t keep up with the work?
      • When people volunteer to help instead of me being happy I am afraid that I will fail them not finish the book
      • I aim small instead of big, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy
      • Fear of being big and shining my light
      • I am afraid to revealing my true self and my inner life – fear people won’t like the real me, make fun of me, will judge me as weird
  • Perfectionism
    • Too perfect inhibits creating
    • My deadline is stronger than my perfectionism
    • Your spiritual growth by actually releasing is as important as the product you create
    • Like birthing a baby - a book has its own life
    • Regrets case aging
  • My identity as myself vs best-selling author vs old identity
    • From the social chameleon to one voice and identity between my social and work circles
  • Emptiness after launch
    • Felt lost and behind her new identity’s potential for new creation
    • Then more ideas and creativity
  • How the Intuition tools helped her during the process
    • WWIT
    • TLC
    • When we have fast momentum and overwhelm TLC vs putting on the brake
    • 2-chairs with audience avatars

Tools used from the book

  • WWIT
  • TLC
  • 2-chairs with audience avatars





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